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Disputes vary. So do our solutions.


Neutral Evaluations

One or all parties submit evidence and applicable law for unbiased evaluation accounting for venue and other factors affecting value. Based on an impartial review of submissions, decades of first chair trial court experience, and thorough jury verdict research, Lou will provide a privileged Advisory Opinion considering all issues and damages presented to assist parties in assessing risk.


Employing leading edge dispute resolution methods aquired through advanced ADR study at Cornell University and The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, Lou utilizes evaluative and facilitative mediation processes identifying patent and tacit interests of litigants to help them reach agreement. He will meet with counsel in advance of the scheduled mediation to identify the core issues of disagreement and any “special” considerations which have been an impediment to resolution.

3-Hour Resolutions

Lou offers a virtual, two-party mediation for a flat fee of $1,500, intended for cases which could benefit from a skilled mediator with subject matter expertise, but for which cost might pose an issue. At a fraction of the expense of even a short trial, a 3-Hour Resolution reviews memoranda submitted by both parties, and requires that all decision makers armed with full settlement authority attend the mediation. At the end of the third hour, billing resumes at a prevailing rate.


As an arbitrator, Lou offers subject matter expertise, over 30 years experience handling tort, commercial and employment litigation, and unquestioned integrity. Clear written opinions will set forth analysis and reasoning underlying all awards for both binding and non-binding arbitration.

Settlement Days

Commonly, large commercial concerns or insurance companies have multiple matters pending at any given time. Lou offers per diem rates to facilitate efficient cost-effective settlements.

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Independence. Integrity. Expertise. Experience.

Lou Hockman, JD/MBA

ADRx Neutral

Lou, the principal of ADRx, is at the forefront of ADR, having engaged in graduate level study at The Program on Negotiation (a consortium offered through Tufts, Harvard and MIT), and at Cornell University, where he has been Certified as a Professional Mediator. He is Co-Chair of the Montgomery Bar Association ADR Committee, and a member of the Association for Conflict Management, the ADR Committees of the American Bar Association and the Pennsylvania Bar Association, and the Cornell Panel of Neutrals.

Prior to founding ADRx, Lou was a partner at prominent Philadelphia based law firms and a lead trial lawyer with a documented record of success representing parties in a wide variety of civil disputes for over three decades. He has been honored as a Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent® attorney - the highest rating for ethics and professionalism - for many years.

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